Transfers – Multiple Boxes -Stakeholder Meeting – 08-03-2022

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      Thanks Brian,

      Thank you for the wonderful presentation about transfers yesterday!  I hope I did not mislead the conversation about transfers with multiple boxes.  Each box should contain only one transfer order, one blood distribution report, but we could have many boxes being shipped to a customer at one time.  I think you understood correctly, we do not want one transfer order for multiple boxes.  In NextGen, I think we would see a list of all of the orders – there would be multiple orders with the same location.  Currently, we cannot see a compiled list of what boxes are to be transferred (unless we specify each in-transit location), except for on our paper handwritten shipping log.  This is a huge improvement on trackability and chain of custody!

      I also very much like that one can see that a box has a recalled unit, right up front.  I really like the look and functionality of NextGen and look forward to using it!

      Thank you for including me in the stakeholder meetings and have a wonderful day,

      Michele Williams – Bloodworks

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