Quality – Lookback – Stakeholder Meeting – 06/13/2022

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      All images displayed in this discussion are for conceptual purposes only and may not represent the final product.

      Lookback handles positive results case review

      Lookback workbench screen with a search option and list of active cases

      Lookback processing screen, with specific details for the donor, lookback cause, and related units

      Stakeholder Meeting Notes – 06/13/2022

      • Keep a configurable start date and ad-hoc option
      • Allow custom lookback parameters for bulk-packed products
      • Consider method for assigning cases to a group of users
      • Allow custom case statuses
      • Allow documentation attachment and commenting
      • Include discard reason listing
      • Emphasize the 72 hour notification requirement
      • Allow support for multiple notification templates fitting the requirements of facilities and fractionators
      • Ensure that lookback only triggers when appropriate, such as a TPx2
      • Consider including config for DoH notification
      • Maybe even handle BPD submission?
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