Quality – Donor Notifications – Stakeholder Meeting 06/13/2022

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    Donor Notifications allow template-driven methods for informing the donor as needed.

    Donor notification screen

    Stakeholder Meeting Notes – 06/13/2022

    • Group notifications together for a single donor, including donor reactions
    • Retrieve interps for the actual notification
    • Need to handle the possibility of sending certified notifications
    • Donor portal should allow donors to view their notifications
    • Track notification status (Pending, Sent, Complete, etc.)
    • Notification triggers should be triggered by tests, reactions, and deferrals
    • Consider that some centers have decentralized handling for notifications
    • Consider tracking change history for notifications
    • Add a link to notifications on the Donor Hub navigation
    • Consider handling for a donor pending notification that already has an appointment in D37
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