Quality – Donor Card Review – Donations – Stakeholder meeting – 07/01/2022

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      All images displayed in this discussion are for conceptual purposes only and may not represent the final product.

      The Donor Card Review – Donation screen will allow for review of screening performed for a donation, along with general demographic information for the donor.  The screen will include a method for viewing potential duplicate donors.

      Donor card review donation screen, listing general donor information as well as potential duplicate donors on the left pane, and detailed information related to the donor and donation attempt on the right.

      Stakeholder Meeting Notes – 07/01/2022

      • Duplicate donor display acceptable, but the ability to merge  or indicate the records are not a duplicate should not exist on this screen.  Instead implement navigation to donor comparison
      • Will multiple physical measurements display on the related section? – YES
      • Implement a method for pushing cards to a follow-up queue, removing them from the initial review to be revisited for investigation of issues requiring follow-up, such as incorrect documentation or missing information.
      • Consider configurable double blind review for organizations that desire it.
      • Several methods used for current donor card review selection
        • 100% review
        • Review based on specific comments
        • Irregular pulse
        • Low pulse
        • Temperature (to identify clerical errors)
        • Underage
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