Products – Lot Release – Stakeholder Meeting 05/18/2022

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      All images displayed in this discussion are for conceptual purposes only and may not represent the final product.

      Lot release allows for review and acceptance of entered results.

      Lot release screen with search filters on left and results on right.

      Lot Summary screen for final review and release of lot

      Delete Lot to discard results

      Release lot to accept results

      Stakeholder Meeting Notes – 05/18/2022

      • Allow filtration of lot release by product types
      • Consider workflow for incomplete unit testing.  Should they remain on the lot or be moved to a new one
      • Users would like to be able to search and review past lots as well as current
      • Consider a Lots dashboard for status review
      • What should the filters pull into a lot?  Pull all incompletes into filter?
      • Suggestion to have one output for incompletes and donor discrepancies, maybe based on client config
      • Consider making the 2nd reviewer functionality configurable as optional
      • Test entry review is documented as a test comment currently.  Consider refactor.
      • If records are on a lot, lock the records until the lot is released
        • The lock functionality is not used by all centers
      • Consider pushing lot release to a work queue for configuration of review by the parties that each center utilizes
      • Intent is to allow the lot release filter to be site or system specific depending on preference
      • Add lab location to Lot Summary
      • Automate notifications to labeling stations when a lot is released
      • Should donor card review block lot release? – Consensus was yes
      • Allow addition of documentation as well as equipment and maintenance checks
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