Inventory – Shipment – Stakeholder Meeting – 06/01/2022

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      All images displayed in this discussion are for conceptual purposes only and may not represent the final product.

      Shipments will allow a tech to bundle orders into a single delivery by dragging unassigned orders as needed.

      Shipments screen. The left column displays a table of open shipments and their destination, then the interface for creating a new shipment. The right column shows unassigned orders for assignment to a shipment avia a drag and drop interface.

      Release shipment screen. This screen displays the details of a shipment that is being released, with the option to confirm or cancel.

      Stakeholder Meeting Notes – 06-01-2022

      • Should the confirmation number allow entry of a URL (such as a link to a FedEx shipment)?
      • Stakeholders requested a report that would allow them to review shipments with a multi-parameter search functionality (shipment date, assigned courier, etc.)
      • Many users do not use legacy program 425 due to its complexity – Keep this in consideration for development of shipment processing.
      • Consider methods for handling shipment requests that transfer in from Hospital Information System integrations.
      • Releasing a shipment will include final checks being performed to ensure the viability of all products.
      • How will release of a shipment be handled when blood center staff are unavailable?
        • This should be driven operationally via SOP.
      • Consider implementing a method for triggering electronic notification of a customer for an incoming shipment when it is released.
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