Inventory – Return Products – Stakeholder Meeting – 06/01/2022

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      All images displayed in this discussion are for conceptual purposes only and may not represent the final product.

      Scanning in returned products will allow for capture of visual inspection, temperature, and indication of storage location. Return reasons, visual inspection results, and storage locations can be applied to products en masse.

      Return products screen. The topmost table captures general information about the order being received. The lower table is populated with scanned products, allowing for the capture or desired data, such as return reason and visual inspection.

      Stakeholder Meeting Notes – 06-01-2022

      • Techs will be able to specify exact products in the return authorization (by DIN/product) prior to receipt of the physical units to ensure the proper components are accounted for.
      • Stakeholders requested the ability to enter comments at the return and product levels.
      • Consider automated attribute assignment when receiving a product based on the reason for the return (recall quarantine, etc.).
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