Inventory – Pack Order – Stakeholder Meeting – 06/01/2022

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      All images displayed in this discussion are for conceptual purposes only and may not represent the final product.

      Once an order is selected entered, Pack Orders is used to fill and issue the associated products.

      Pack order screen. Lists ordered produts for selection and a table underneath populated with entries scanned in through the interface.

      Stakeholder Meeting Notes – 06-01-2022

      • Deb Baedke – Request for the ability to bulk process multiple product lines on an order, such as all ordered red cells.
      • When during the packing process do test results need to be reviewed? Do test results ever need to be entered at this step?
        • The tube icon will link to entered test results. The entered test results screen will link to result entry functionality.
      • CHarper – Request for the ability to link an order directly to a patient record.
      • Confirmed for stakeholders that multiple product lines can be filled on a single screen.
      • Mindy Andrews – Requested ability to override listed price during the packing step.
      • Should this screen allow for the entry of additional charges, or should this step occur during order entry?
      • The ability to emergency pack will be configurable as role-restricted access.
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