Donors – Recommend Procedure – Stakeholder Meeting – 04/22/2022

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      All images displayed in this discussion are for conceptual purposes only and may not represent the final product.

      The Recommend Procedure screen will evaluate current goals as well as donor information to recommend an optimal procedure for donation.  Recommendations will include explanations as well as the goals that are being met.

      Recommend procedure screen with Donor information in the left pane, and procedure recommendations with graphical displays for percentage to goal.

      Recommend procedure all goals popup, which displays all goals supported for the selected procedure.

      Stakeholder Meeting Notes 04/22/2022

      • Need method to completely exclude ineligible donors – This will be implemented by specific goal parameters as well as donor deferrals
      • Current the outcome of donation determines contribution to a goal, not simply registration and selection of the procedure
      • Procedure recommendation should evaluate multiple available data points not just for the donor and goals set, but also current/expected inventory levels
      • Daily goals will support specific targeting, such as bulking up platelet goals on the weekends
      • Donor procedure history should also feed into procedure recommendation, such as yearly frequency
      • Display donor Hgb at procedure selection
      • Integrate appointments into the algorithm.  If all the apheresis equipment is reserved when the donor appears, we should not recommend apheresis
      • Goals with shortest duration and most unmet are given higher priority
      • This screen was originally intended for presentation to the donor – Stakeholders were not in favor of this
        • The info button on the screen should remain to assist techs discussing procedures with the donor
      • Procedure selection could also evaluate available supplies and equipment – Don’t recommend apheresis if the draw site is out of kits
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