Administration – Equipment Types – Stakeholder Meeting – 05/13/2022

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      All images displayed in this discussion are for conceptual purposes only and may not represent the final product.

      Equipment use will be captured in multiple programs, and begins with defining the equipment type.

      The ability to define QC tasks for equipment will NOT be implemented for the first version of the next generation software

      Equipment Type screen with add modal, allowing entry of the equipment type and a description

      Stakeholder Meeting Notes – 05/13/2022

      • The following notes relate to Equipment QC once implemented
        • Semiannual should be a frequency option
        • User feedback options for a task should include
          • Pass/Fail
          • Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory
          • A numerical value
        • Configure ability to repeat QC with an allowable retry limit
        • When calibration equipment is used for QC, the serial number should be captured for the calibration equipment
        • Disallow the use of calibration devices that are due for QC themselves
        • Reporting capability needed for monitoring upcoming QC
        • Configure the ability to initiate QC within an allowable window for lower frequency QC tasks
        • Account for the possibility of equipment that never has assigned QC tasks
        • When a piece of equipment is taken out of service and then restored, consider automated triggering of associated QC tasks
        • Consider grouping or task type assignment to logically sort types of QC tasks
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