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      BBCS Community is for:

      • Sharing your ideas about BBCS and our products.
      • Interacting with other members of the BBCS Community.
      • Networking with members of the BBCS Community.
      • Asking and answering questions about BBCS.
      • Contributing your knowledge and experience to the BBCS Community.

      BBCS Community is not for:

      • Disparaging BBCS, its products, employees, customers, partners, or anyone else.
      • Posting of content, material, or links that are offensive or inappropriate. This behavior will lead to termination of your account without any notice.
      • Spamming.
      • Posting the same question in multiple areas.  Please select only one area in which to post your question, so that any answers can be easily kept together and found via search.
      • “Hijacking” another user’s thread.  Keep open discussions on topic and create a new thread if unrelated questions need to be raised.
    Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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