Technical Support

Expert Support When You Need It

BBCS clients frequently comment on the level of dedication and service they receive from our technical support team. Of course, we strive to design and configure our products so that you’ll never experience the slightest problem, but in today’s complicated healthcare IT landscape, it’s impossible to avoid occasional hardware or technical glitches. That’s when our team swings into action to help you assess the situation and work out any difficulties, so you can get back to business as quickly as possible.

Technical Support is provided by BBCS staff with a passion for technical problem solving and a personal commitment to our clients and their communities. Our in-house technical support team includes software developers, product designers, and documentation specialists—all members of the BBCS staff with a shared dedication to our clients. This means that whenever you have a support issue, you’ll have direct access to team members with exactly the right skill set and product expertise to grasp the full scope of the problem and solve it quickly and definitively. Every technical support ticket is logged and managed in our Technical Support tracking system to ensure complete and timely response.

BBCS support team members are integral during the design and user acceptance of our products, so when the time comes to support applications in the field, they understand the necessary configurations and are clear on the system’s intended use. Clients value our staff’s level of expertise, and appreciate having a direct line of support to see an issue through to completion.

You Choose the Service Level Agreement

Technical Support services are provided automatically to each client who is using a BBCS application. You select the service level agreement (SLA) that best suits the needs, budget, and in-house technical resources of your organization, and meets your BECS implementation objectives for the year. Clients can reassess their support needs each year and ramp their SLA up or down as they see fit, adjusting the amount of after-hours and implementation support. You can balance your service expectations with your budget.

Support services based upon SLA include:

  • General application support
  • Query support
  • Data correction support
  • Configuration support
  • After-hours support
  • Implementation services

For a center with an ample internal staffing level and exceptional information technology resources, a simple SLA could provide the best return if there are no major implementation initiatives on the horizon. The following year, that same facility may elect to step up one or more levels of BBCS support due to competing projects or the loss of a key staff member. Increasing a Service Level Agreement provides an added layer of support from BBCS so that your business mission remains the focus during periods of growth or change. Let BBCS provide a seamless extension of technology support and services for your organization.

Additional Resources: Webinars and Client Website

BBCS offers free webinars throughout the year and with each new product release, making it easy for you to stay up to date with latest features and to learn best practice techniques for getting the most from your system.

Clients also enjoy 24 x 7 access to the BBCS Client Side Website (BCSW). BCSW provides a rich trove of customer service features and resources, including an extensive library of BBCS-developed materials specific to each application, that your blood center personnel can review and use at no additional cost to the facility.

Website features and resources

  • Entry and review of Design Change Requests for product enhancement suggestions
  • Release documentation including:
    • Detailed Design Change Notification reports describing application changes and their impact to your center
    • Installation Instructions for Validation
    • Move to Production Instructions for Go Live
  • Device documentation for each application including:
    • File Design Specification for use in writing custom reports
    • Technical Specifications for each module
    • Detailed User Manuals to walk through setup, daily use, and troubleshooting
    • Risk Mitigation Guides documenting recommended or required configuration and use at the blood center
    • Validation scripts that align to the Risk Mitigation Guides as a tool for software validation
  • Implementation and project management tools including:
    • Training PowerPoint presentations
    • A task-specific Management Guide to Implementation for the key components of a new installation or upgrade, including pre-requisites, estimated duration, and any supporting materials provided

For more information regarding technical support, contact Technical Support.