Application Maintenance

Keep Your System at Its Peak

When you’ve invested significant time and resources to implement a BECS system, you want to keep it running at optimum effectiveness for years to come. All BBCS applications are licensed with an application support contract that ensures you receive all corrections and upgrades to maintain your system’s long term viability. When an enhancement for a particular application is completed, it is available at no additional charge to clients with current application support contracts. Having a stable maintenance base provides peace of mind that your investment will remain current as the industry and technology evolves.

Throughout the product development cycle, BBCS uses a corporate Project Roadmap to keep all BBCS applications aligned and compatible with one another. Any quality product also requires thorough and up-to-date user documentation. Included in your application support contract are ongoing updates and enhancements to a multitude of resources specific to each application, including Technical Specifications, User Manuals, and Risk Mitigation Guides.

Product Enhancements: Our Clients are in the Driver’s Seat

BBCS welcomes input from our clients on application features and functionality. We have an established pathway to receive suggestions for enhancements from users in the form of Design Change Requests (DCRs), which are logged in our Technical Support tracking system. Each DCR is assessed and the requesting client receives an individualized response, which is also accessible to every client through a comprehensive BBCS Client Side Website.