Blood Bank Control System

BBCS Primary and Associated Products

The Blood Bank Control System has set the standard in the blood banking industry for more than three decades. From the first generation application released in 1987 to the latest product release, BBCS Primary 5.0, our system has provided leading blood banking organizations with secure, efficient, electronic blood bank software to support their operations and data management. The solution of choice for community and hospital-based primary facilities and numerous satellite locations nationwide, BBCS Primary currently supports more than 1.3 million units annually.

Our long-standing BBCS products include:

Primary application

  • Processes donors, patients, and units from recruiting to transfusion.
  • Provides the ability to automate and streamline various departments.
  • Supports ISBT/128 labeling.

Mobile application

  • Assists mobile staff with efficient and safe off-line registration of donors and provides an electronic transfer of registration data to the Primary application.

Laboratory application

  • Electronic transfer of unit and specimen test results from an outsourced testing facility, existing LIS, or testing equipment within the blood bank to the Primary application.

Recruitment interface application

  • Automated updates of non-critical donor demographic and appointment data from a third-party recruiting software. Records are evaluated for errors to ensure quality prior to updating and the integrity of the data is preserved.

Hospital interface application

  • Automated connectivity between the blood center and the hospitals to which the blood center provides patient-specific products. There is a continuous communication feed between the Hospital Information System and BBCS Primary.

Hospital ordering website

  • Orders placed online by hospital staff replace the use of telephones or fax machines.
  • Reduce the margin for human error by eliminating manual data input.
  • Data is transferred safely over a secure socket layer (SSL).

Patient inquiry application

  • A real-time synchronization between Patient Inquiry and BBCS Primary keeps patient records up to date and available when they cannot be accessed through the main application.

Compatibility application

  • A streamlined and efficient system for managing your inventory, order processing, and patient records with an expedited implementation.

Lookback data management application

  • A simple, cost-effective solution to electronically access your legacy data.

BBCS continues to offer robust service and support of the BBCS Primary application to our existing clients, along with the other applications in the Blood Bank Control System product group. ABO QuickPass is designed to be backwards compatible with Primary 5.4.3 and 5.5, offering current users a pathway for continued enhancement.

For existing BBCS Primary customers

If you need support for these currently installed products, want to add to your current application installation, or would like more information about migration pathways to the new ABO Suite of products, contact Customer Support.

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