ABO Wheels

Blood Collection Management Software

ABO WheelsABO Wheels™ is a comprehensive blood collection application that can be used either at a collection facility or a non-fixed site regardless of connectivity to the main database. It enables your staff to conduct efficient, safe, and paperless donor registration and screening, and record data updates. Multiple remote events can be conducted at the same time. Updated information can be uploaded directly to the main database (when a connection is in place), or to a USB device or other removable media to be synchronized to the blood bank facility’s central database at a later time.

Features of ABO Wheels

With a user-friendly and intuitive design, ABO Wheels is a flexible and robust system that offers:

  • Real-time, bedside entry of blood collection information via keyboard, hand-held scanners, touch screen, and more.
  • Dynamic user screens to collect information throughout the donation process such as donor registration, screening results posting, donor questionnaires, and phlebotomy results posting.
  • The ability to capture, store, update, and synchronize photos of donors and donor signatures. Electronic signatures can be used as proof of consent for donation.
  • ABO Wheels can even scan donor fingerprints—the latest in secure donor identification technology.

With ABO Wheels, staff can manage donation events on the fly, knowing that data is securely captured and will seamlessly integrate back into the master system so that your risk management, quality control, and compliance will not be compromised.

For easy deployment, ABO Wheels runs on standard PCs and media hardware. ABO Wheels can be set up with a secure private network to protect your data, with no connection to the internet required. It has robust data integration with the core ABO Express application, facilitating the maintenance of a complete electronic donor record.

Implementation of ABO Express is required for clients wishing to utilize the ABO Wheels application.

ABO Wheels is available to worldwide customers today.

ABO Wheels 510(k) cleared #BK140184