ABO QuickPass

Blood Donor Screening and Registration

ABO QuickPassABO QuickPass™ offers a breakthrough in donor screening and registration processing, with functions and capabilities beyond any other product on the market. BBCS understands how vitally important it is for you to manage the donor screening process thoroughly and with the utmost accuracy. At the same time, providing donors with a fast and customer-friendly experience ensures their satisfaction and willingness to continue a long-term relationship with your blood bank.

ABO QuickPass provides intuitive Computer Assisted Self Interview (CASI) capabilities that offer a whole new ease and simplicity for your donors, and help dramatically increase throughput at your center. ABO QuickPass enables prospective donors to access and respond to history and screening questions online prior to their arrival at your blood center, in the privacy of their home or anywhere they have an internet connection. Alternatively, they can quickly complete the CASI process on site at the donation location using a tablet or workstation kiosk.

By automating the screening process, ABO QuickPass also vastly enhances accuracy. It includes automated checks and reminders to ensure no critical elements are missed. In addition, the easy electronic data capture of the tool significantly reduces your staff’s daily management time.

Powerful Features of ABO QuickPass

  • Using the ABO QuickPass Web Portal, your donors can complete donor history questionnaires quickly, thoroughly, and privately.
  • Once the questionnaire is complete, a barcoded, encrypted pass containing question responses is sent directly to the donor’s smartphone.
  • Once the donor arrives at the donation site, an ABO QuickPass kiosk allows the donor to drill down to respond to comprehensive follow-up questions.
  • Questions can be configured with rich images and audio to present travel maps, medication lists, instructions, or any desired image.
  • The system suggests deferrals based upon question responses, and tracks the occurrence date of deferral activities, reducing the need for management review.
  • ABO QuickPass is completely integrated into the ABO Suite. Questionnaires are permanently stored with the donor record for easy look back.

ABO QuickPass can be implemented as part of the ABO Suite of products; it can also be deployed as an add-on module for customers currently using the BBCS Primary application. Implementation of ABO Express and ABO Wheels is required for clients wishing to utilize the offline paperless features included with the ABO QuickPass application.

ABO QuickPass 510(k) cleared #BK140130, #BK140198