ABO Suite

Blood Bank Management System

ABO SuiteThe ABO Suite™ is a next-generation Blood Establishment Computer Software (BECS) solution that offers unparalleled functionality, ease, and efficiency. It incorporates the knowledge gained from decades of experience and builds on our robust BBCS business logic. Above all, we listened to feedback from customers to design and develop a system that would truly serve community blood centers today and well into the future. This leading-edge solution supports all facets of your operations: donor management, order fulfillment, inventory management, patient services, transfusion, compliance, and reporting.

The ABO Suite of Blood Bank Applications

ABO QuickPass
An electronic questionnaire process that is performed by the donor online or in the blood center that replaces the traditional paper donor history form.

ABO Wheels
A paperless registration, screening and collection application for fixed site and remote locations that is fully integrated into ABO Express which ensures the accuracy of the collection process and eliminates data entry and review.

ABO Express
A robust, centralized blood banking software system that supports end-to-end collection management, inventory control, donor testing, reference laboratory, transfusion services, shipping and receiving, quality assurance, and billing activities.

ABO Market
An easy-to-use hospital ordering and fulfillment system.

ABO LabLink
Receipt and transfer of electronic unit and specimen results from testing equipment, 3rd party testing facilities and Laboratory Information Systems to ABO Express.

ABO Pulse
A management dashboard to track key metrics and dynamically generate reports.

ABO Recruit
Donor scheduling from inbound calling and outbound tele-recruitment. Supports integration with recruitment partners.

Key Benefits of the ABO Suite

Purpose-built, integrated system

Unlike some other BECS offerings that are groupings of disparate products or legacy institutional applications, each component of the ABO Suite was carefully designed by the BBCS team of blood banking industry experts and then programmed by our in-house development professionals applying the latest in software functionality best practices. All of the applications share common business logic, features, tools, and user-friendly interfaces to make them operate seamlessly and efficiently together.

Single database

All of the ABO Suite applications share a master database. Eliminating manual entry of data at multiple points in the blood management process increases efficiency and data quality, preventing errors from being introduced. The shared database along with a feature-rich, bi-directional Blood Collections Interface (BCI) eliminates the need to set up complex data interfaces between the applications, and also provides sophisticated tracking and reporting across the entire enterprise.


We understand the complex technology environment of healthcare organizations today, so we’ve made it as easy as possible for the ABO Suite applications to “talk” to other systems, devices, and applications. In fact, we believe in working closely with you and your third-party vendors to ensure that systems are optimized for your environment. The ABO Suite offers multiple built-in options that allow it to be configured to meet your unique system needs via a centralized interface utility.

The Power of the ABO Suite Package

ABO Express is the core product in the ABO Suite. Together with ABO Wheels and ABO QuickPass, it provides a complete registration, screening, blood collection, and electronic donor record system with robust bi-directional integration.

Implementation of ABO Express is required for clients wishing to utilize the ABO Wheels application and the offline paperless features included with the ABO QuickPass application.