Blood Bank Technology Solutions

The ABO Suite™ is an advanced blood bank management software solution, providing efficient, integrated tools that are responsive to the needs of both donors and staff. It’s an innovative, configurable system that supports your risk management, donor management, and data management.

Drawing on our more than 30-year legacy in the industry working side by side with clients and helping solve their challenges, we understand what blood centers need most from a software system:

  • Efficient, accurate, and thorough screening and registration that supports compliance while also creating a smooth experience for the donor.
  • User-friendly data capture tools that enhance clinical quality control with automated checks and alerts, and seamless data transfer that eliminates errors from repeated manual input.
  • Flexibility to allow management to establish business rules—saving you time by reducing the need for daily activity review.
  • Effective tools for performing screening and registration while in the field for mobile blood drives or remote events, with the ability to quickly and accurately transfer information and synchronize with a master database.
  • Applications that are easily configured to interface with your network, systems, and equipment such as hospital information systems and blood collection and testing equipment.

The ABO Suite is a new and innovative solution that incorporates the same sophisticated business logic that also runs our BBCS Primary application, which has been used for decades by some of the industry’s leading blood centers to help manage millions of units per year.