Vendor Certification

BBCS Certified Vendor Device Interfaces

BBCS offers numerous options for interfacing third-party vendor products with our solutions. In addition, vendors can have their interface devices certified by BBCS for alignment to the BBCS produced Software Developer Kits (SDKs). Certified devices have been tested at our facility to independently verify accurate data transmission.

Certification gives vendors the satisfaction of knowing that their products are compatible with our solutions, and assures clients that devices they use have been previously tested and verified to operate with BBCS products.

If you are a vendor seeking certification of an interface device, contact Customer Support.

BBCS certification does not serve as a Food and Drug Administration (FDA) 510(k) or regulatory certification.

Certified Third-Party Vendor Devices

See below for a list of vendors, the specific device interfaces that have been certified, and the applicable BBCS release for each certification.

  • Vendor

    Applied Science, Inc.

    Macopharma USA

  • Device

    HemoFlow XS with CMRS v 2.4

    MacoMix HM20 with Hemolog 6

  • Software version

    BBCS Primary Application, Version 5.4.3

    BBCS Primary Application, Version 5.4.3 & ABO Wheels, Version 1.0.1

  • Certification

    Statement and Elements (Product Certificate PDF)

    Statement and Elements (Product Certificate PDF)