ABO Recruit

Blood Bank Recruitment

Supercharge your blood center with the best-in-class recruitment solution, ABO Recruit™.

ABO Recruit captivates donors with Degree37’s FLOW mobile app and ABO QuickPass. These systems have been carefully crafted to create an industry-leading CRM with out-of-the-box integration to ABO Recruit, providing a seamless donor experience. Blood center staff will also appreciate the simplified donor registration process.

ABO Recruit uses the power behind ABO Wheels and ABO Express to take the guess work out of your marketing and recruitment efforts. From tracking of recruitment campaigns to donor behavior, you can stay connected to your donors in a way like never before.

Powerful Features of ABO Recruit

  • Real-time appointment calendar
  • Donor scheduling
  • Donor tele-recruitment
  • Fully integrated into the ABO Suite
    • See appointments right in ABO Wheels
    • Access to full donor record when scheduling appointments
    • Import drives in real-time with drive management software
  • Cloud-based solution

Implementation of ABO Express is required.