BBCS provides comprehensive, rules-based, data management systems that specialize in providing secure, flexible, quality risk management.

Primary Application:

  • Processes donors, patients and units from recruiting to transfusion
  • Includes a touch screen, electronic Self Registration & Questionnaire (SRQ) Module
  • Provides the ability to automate & streamline various departments
  • Supports ISBT/128 labeling

Mobile Application:

  • Assists mobile staff with efficient and safe off-line registration of donors and provides an electronic transfer of registration data to the Primary Application

Laboratory Interface Application:

  • Electronic transfer of unit and specimen test results from an outsourced testing facility, existing LIS, or testing equipment within the blood bank to the Primary Application

Hospital Interface Application:

  • Automated connectivity between the blood center and the hospitals to which the blood center provides patient specific products. There is a continuous communication feed between the Hospital Information System and the BBCS Primary Application

Hospital Ordering Website:

  • Orders placed online by hospital staff replace the use of telephones or fax machines
  • Reduce the margin for human error
  • Data is transferred safely over a secure socket layer (SSL)
  • Operates on the IBM iSeries platform with no additional equipment required

Patient Inquiry Application:

  • A real time synchronization between Patient Inquiry and the BBCS Primary Applications keeps patient records up to date and available when they cannot be accessed through BBCS Primary Application